Not just library software

We come to your school...your books are catalogued...'Dewey' spine labels are produced...staff get excellent hands-on face-to-face training and you are ready to go.

Ideal for busy teachers

Child friendly software? Yes, but more importantly it's teacher friendly - we keep your administration down to a minimum - essential for your busy school day.

We offer a fully hosted, web-based automated library system offering a simple and easy way for busy teachers to manage their school library.

£199 per annum hosting and support - you really don't need to pay any more!

Annual support/hosting is fair and realistic...around £500 less than our main competitor. Year-on-year the savings mount up allowing you to buy more books for your library - and after all, isn't this what it's all about?

And forget about creeping year-on-year prices hikes....we'll fix it for a minumum of 5 years!

Hosting - your key benefits.

Little or no installation- no requirement for your ICT support.

Runs in a browser - nothing to learn here!

Automatic system updates - no requirement for your ICT support.

System backed up safely daily.

Perfect for us to offer and provide excellent support.

We will fix for (at least) your first 5 years - so no creeping price hikes - brilliant!

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We can help you switch ...with a seamless conversion.

For schools who are fed-up of paying high annual support and hosting with their current system and getting poor service now is the time to switch - we can help you switch and save you thousands of pounds over the years - do the maths - it's simple!!

We can convert your data - so check out your year-on-year savings

Conversion means you can use your existing bar code scanner.

Use existing bar codes.

No need to re-catalogue your books.

Remote training session included.

For just £499 (including your first year hosting and support).

Typical savings for a primary school

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Typical savings for a high school

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We will help you catalogue your books - expertise gained from over 20 years experience!

School Library Systems inception was based on identifying Cataloguing support as our main focus - to help schools carry out the sometimes arduos task of cataloguing all their books.

We are experts at this and your staff will receive excellent hands-on experience with this process.

Invaluable hands-on experience...key benefits.

We come to your school and spend one or more days on site

Typcially you provide some helpers

Which means....more books are catalogued

Staff/helpers get execellent hands-on experience

Staff will feel very comfortable using the new system.

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Transparent Pricing - all detailed below, accurate with no hidden charges!

System & Cataloguing


  • 1 day on-site cataloguing service
  • First year hosting and support
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • 2000 bar code
  • 2000 spine labels
  • 2000 spine labels covers

Data Conversion


  • First year hosting and support
  • Book data conversion
  • Remote training session
  • Use existing scanner
  • Use existing bar codes

System Only


  • First year hosting and support
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • 2000 bar code
  • 2000 spine labels
  • 2000 spine labels covers
  • School to catalogue books

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