Not just library software

We come to your school and your books are catalogued. Dewey spine labels are produced. Staff get excellent hands-on face-to-face training and you are ready to go.

Ideal for busy teachers

Child friendly software? Yes, but more importantly it's teacher friendly - we keep your administration down to a minimum - essential for your busy school day.

We offer a fully hosted, web-based automated library system offering a simple and easy way for busy teachers to manage their school library.

£199 per annum hosting and support - why pay more?

Our annual support and hosting is fair and realistic - around £500 less than our main competitor.

Year-on-year the savings mount up allowing you to buy more books for your library - after all, isn't this what it's all about?

No price increases for at least your first 5 years - no creeping price hikes - can anyone match this?

Hosting - your key benefits.

All installed remotely - no requirement for help from your ICT.

Runs in a web-browser (Edge, Chrome) - nothing new to learn here.

Automatic system updates.

Data backed up safely daily.

We can remotely support your system.

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We can help you switch ...with a seamless conversion.

For schools who are fed-up of paying high annual support and hosting with their current system and getting poor service now is the time to switch - we can help you switch and save you thousands of pounds over the years - do the maths - it's simple!!

We can convert your data - so check out your year-on-year savings

Conversion means you can use your existing bar code scanner.

Use existing bar codes.

No need to re-catalogue your books.

Remote training session included.

For just 299 (including your first year hosting and support).

Typical savings for a primary school

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Typical savings for a high school

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We will help you catalogue your books - expertise gained from over 20 years experience!

School Library Systems inception was based on identifying Cataloguing support as our main focus - to help schools carry out the sometimes arduous task of cataloguing and classifying all their books.

It's not as simple as you may have been lead to believe - well, if you want to do it properly, that is!

We are experts at this and your staff will receive excellent hands-on experience with this process.

We come to your school and spend one or more days on site.

Typcially you provide some helpers (staff, parent, student helpers).

Which means more books are catalogued - typically around 1500 or more.

Staff get excellent hands-on experience learning how to catalogue.

Staff will feel very comfortable using the new system.

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Transparent pricing

Accurate with no hidden charges!

Is there a better offer out there?

We include ALL you need: scanner, stationery, email module and hosting

Library Management System


  • Includes all this...
  • Abracadabra cloud management system
  • Your first year hosting and support
  • Quality Bar Code Scanner - INCLUDED
  • 1000 polyeurothane tough bar codes
  • 1000 spine (Dewey) labels
  • 1000 spine labels covers
  • Email module - INCLUDED
  • All installed remotely for you
  • After year one just £199 hosting & support
  • *High schools +£100
  • Plus Vat

Move from existing system


  • Includes...
  • Abracadabra cloud management system
  • Data conversion from your currrent LMS
  • Your first year hosting and support
  • Email module - INCLUDED
  • Teams training session
  • You can use your existing scanner
  • You can use your existing bar codes
  • After year one just £199 hosting & support
  • Plus Vat

Don't forget...Cataloguing


  • Includes...
  • 1 day on-site cataloguing service
  • Expect to process 1500+ books*
  • Additional days just £250
  • * dependent on preparation and helpers
  • * there maybe travel expenses depending on location
  • A typical 2000 book library done
  • in about a day!!!
  • Plus Vat

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